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(added on 2018/10/25)

Is recycling so difficult? 回收有幾難?

Data source: Environmental Protection Department, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government
Map created by CUHK SpatioEpi Group

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In 2016, a person discarded on average 0.6 kg -1.6 kg domestic waste per day in Hong Kong. The volume of domestic wastes varies geographically. On the map, the highest volume of daily domestic waste per person was noted in Yau Tsim Mong district. If the situation continues, the existing landfills in Hong Kong is forecasted to be exhausted by 2020!

To reduce the pressure of the landfills, every citizen can contribute by going for 3R: reduce, reuse and recycle. In 2016, however, only 34% of the domestic waste were recycled. The map shows the distribution of more than 900 recycling organizations and collection points in Hong Kong, as of 2018. They include recycling centers for books, clothes, glass bottles, computer products, educational toys, electrical appliances, furniture, fluorescent lamp, rechargeable battery, and waste plastics. From 1 August 2018, the Hong Kong SAR government has implemented the Producer Responsibility Scheme (PRS) on waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE). The government also plans to implement the municipal solid waste charging scheme from the second half of 2019.

To save the planet and save your wallet, the 3Rs are the simplest things that one can do. Go to this website and check out the recycling organizations and collection points near you to recycle your waste.

Data for the map were extracted from reports of Environmental Protection Department, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government.


為了減輕堆填區的壓力,每個市民可以出一份力,盡量做到環保3R ,即是: 減少使用、物盡其用、循環再造。可是,2016年的數據顯示只有34%的家居廢物被回收。地圖顯示了香港2018年有超過900間回收組織和廢物收集點。這些收集點分別回收書本、衣服、玻璃瓶、電腦產品、有教育性的玩具、電子產品、 傢私、光管、 可充電電池、以及塑膠廢物。自2018年8月1日起,香港特別行政區政府實施了廢電器電子產品生產者責任計劃,並將於2019下半年實行垃圾收費計劃。

想拯救地球和拯救你的「荷包」,環保3R是最簡單的方法。當你在扔掉廢物之前,可以先到 去查找附近的回收組織或廢物收集點,然後把合適的廢物送過去。