What is EcSS

EcSS is an experimental web-based public health surveillance system set up by a Research team at the Chinese University of Hong Kong for tracking health conditions, with a focus on communicable diseases. The project was launched in mid-2011.

Influenza is the first subject selected for exploration in this new surveillance study introduced through EcSS. Hong Kong Citizens are invited to participate in the system through completion of a weekly survey to report on symptoms of influenza. The collected data are analyzed to enable the Research Team to track the spread of influenza, and to predict future patterns. Results of the system are also released at this website and through research publications.

EcSS is designed to complement existing public health epidemiology studies operated by the Government. Naturally, the robustness and reliability of the system depend a lot on the continued participation of community members. Similar systems have been established in the UK, Australia and countries in Europe.

If you are interested in joining the study, please read the information to potential member, and then join as member now.

EcSS is developed with the support of Medcom Ltd as a non-profit community research project. It has received research funding from the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK Direct Grant code 2041758) in 2012. In 2015, EcSS received a donation (to CUHK) in memory of late Mr Poon Chung Ki from his family, in support of its community research. Mr Francis Ho contributed ideas and provided support to the development of EcSS ever since its inception in 2011. Sorely missed by the EcSS Team when he passed away in January 2017, Mr Ho is remembered and thanked for founding this meaningful project.