Information for potential members

(Updated on 27 July 2016)

Please read carefully

  1. You are invited to register with EcSS as a community member. This is a simple procedure involving the completion of a baseline questionnaire to create a personal profile.
  2. Every week a community member receives an email alert asking if there has been fever and chest symptom amounting to an episode of influenza-like illness (ILI), and some questions to help characterize the episode.
  3. To join the system as a community member, you must be
    1. age 18 or above
    2. normally living in Hong Kong, and
    3. agreeable to submit weekly input on internet, using English or Chinese, to contribute to the system.
  4. Analysis developed by EcSS is on household level, and participation is limited to one person per household.
  5. EcSS is a community activity, the participation of which is entirely voluntary. No remuneration is provided to participating members. To acknowledge support, incentives would be available from time to time to participating members. Please visit our Facebook page EcSS CUHK for updated information.
  6. No personal particulars would be collected. A member's profile would however be created on registration, which includes one's: year of birth, gender, occupation category, household characteristics, location of residence and work/schooling. All information collected are kept in confidence. These are used for supporting global analysis. The personal profile is not released to the public.
  7. A password-controlled account is created for each community member for access to the member's page, through which ILI data are submitted. Your email would be kept in a separate file and would not be used for purposes outside EcSS. EcSS staff would not contact individual member for access to personal information.
  8. We sincerely request that you continue as a community member for as long as you are able to. You may, however, choose to withdraw from the study at any time.