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There but not here 顧彼失此

(added on 2016/11/30)

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Data source: IAS, Geneva; IHME, Seattle
Map created by CUHK SpatioEpi Group


For medical sciences, conference is a common means of updating knowledge, sharing information and translating science into practices. As a newly discovered condition in the 1980s, the first AIDS conference was held in 1985 in Atlanta, where the US CDC is located. Over the ensuing 30 years, regular conferences have been organized, under the auspices of the International AIDS Society. There are now two biennial events held in cities around the world. The latest conference was held in Durban, South Africa in July 2016, which was attended by 18,000 participants, The map shows the location, by city, of 31 conferences organised (and to be organised) through 2018, against the background of the HIV prevalence of countries of the world. Whereas the top nine countries with highest HIV prevalence are all located in Africa, yet, IAS conferences have been held largely in lower prevalence countries in Europe. Such conferences have rarely been hosted in Asia, where much needs to be done to increase awareness of the governments and the community. Despite scientific advances made in USA, conference organisation was uncommon because of the country’s travel restriction imposed on HIV infected persons. The ban, lasting for over 20 years, was lifted in 2009. With treatment assuming a key role of increasing importance, dissemination of scientific knowledge through conferences especially in countries with serious HIV/AIDS problems is crucial.

Data for the map were retrieved from IAS website and that of the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, University of Washington.

在醫學界,學術會議是交流信息、更新知識和促進科學應用的橋樑。八零年代開始的愛滋病疫情,促使科學家在1985年召開第一屆國際愛滋病會議,地點是美國亞特蘭大,亦即美國疾病預防控制中心所在地。隨後的三十多年,國際愛滋病學會(IAS)定期在不同城市舉辦會議,包括兩個最大型的雙年度愛滋病國際會議。最近的一次會議於2016年7月南非德班舉行,出席的超過一萬八千人。地圖顯示截至2018年的31個 IAS國際會議的舉辦城市及世界各國的愛滋病毒 (HIV)感染盛行率,當中九個 HIV 盛行率最高的國家均位於非洲,而大部分會議舉行地點則位於遙遠而盛行率較低的歐洲國家。亞洲國家很少主辦愛滋病國際會議,而這些地區的政府和社群對愛滋病的認識急需提升。美國的愛滋病科研走在前線,但甚少主辦會議,原因是該國持續了二十多年對HIV感染者的入境管制,到了2009年才解禁。現時愛滋病的控制已趨向治療主導,國際會議有助廣泛傳播相關知識,此點對高感染率國家尤其重要。


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