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Treatment as prevention

(added on 2017/11/30)

It's been 30 years (by 2017) since the first introduction of antiretroviral treatment, and 20 years since the availability of highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) for managing HIV infection. Besides reducing mortality and morbidity, HAART can potentially reduce the ongoing transmission of HIV from infected patients through exposures like sexual contacts. This phenomenon contributes to the development of the global HIV strategy of "Treatment as Prevention".

A series of maps show the temporal change of treatment coverage and HIV incidence in 2000-2016. Over time, treatment coverage has increased around the world, while HIV incidence did decline albeit at a slow pace. Geographically the pattern varied from country to country, reflecting that strategic planning is crucial to effectively control the epidemic.

Data for the maps were extracted from the World Bank Group.

愛滋病毒藥物首次面世至今 (2017年)已30年,而高效抗逆轉錄病毒療法(即雞尾酒療法)也有20年歷史。除了減低死亡率及發病率,雞尾酒療法還可以減低病毒由患者通過性接觸等途徑傳播,這個現象促進了發展「治療達致防疫」的全球策略。